A Message From the Colonies

Today my Facebook feed was cluttered with Brits crying foul about the new Doctor Who Anniversary trailer being a Comic-Con exclusive.  It’s our show! Why are those stupid Americans allowed to see it first?

Allow me to set the record straight.

1.  You are aware that it’s called Comic-Con International, right?  Y’all are welcome to attend.  It may be held in San Diego, but it’s a world-wide marketing platform.

2.  American citizenship comes with many rights and privileges.  Free tickets to Comic-Con is not one of them.  Contrary to what you may believe, the majority of Americans cannot afford to travel to San Diego for the weekend.  Nor can we afford to travel to the UK for the many Doctor Who events held there.  Bottom line: the average US fan had to wait for the trailer to turn up on YouTube just like you did.

3.  Americans do not get Doctor Who “for free”.  BBC America is a pay cable channel. Furthermore all shows broadcast on BBC America have commercial interruptions.  To make room for these annoying ad breaks shows, including Doctor Who, are often edited down.

4.  Neither the BBC iPlayer nor the BBE IPlayer Global app is available in the United States.  Obviously, somebody in the marketing department needs to look up the meaning of the world “global” in a dictionary.

5.  A lot of American fans subsidize the BBC through their purchases.  I’ve personally spent a whole lot of money on DVDs, books and other officially licensed merchandise.

6.  When it comes to seeing Doctor Who first, Britain wins hands down.  And we’re not just talking about the TV show.  Books, DVDs and products are, almost without exception, released in the UK significantly ahead of any US release.  Don’t begrudge the showing of a silly trailer on American soil when you’ll get to see the actual special before I do.

7.  Americans don’t want Doctor Who to cater to them.  Most of us realise there is a world beyond America’s borders.  We’re even capable of understanding regional British accents.   Personally, I love the show’s Englishness and eccentricity and would hate to see it “Americanized” and dumbed down.

American or British, we all love Doctor Who and this kind of pettiness ill becomes us.  To quote the First Doctor, “I am a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman to boot!”

Sharon Essex

Sharon loves Doctor Who, waterfalls, British accents, autumn, and chocolate. She lives with two demanding cats and a large collection of books and lightsabers. Her hobbies include blogging, blinking and breathing in and out.

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