Worlds End – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Dalek Invasion of Earth is up with the best Doctor Who has to offer in its fifty year run. From the first powerful opening – Doctor Who’s first suicide, to the grim world of shattered London it leaves an impact. It… Read more

The Doctor and Susan after climbing up the drainpipe and into the sink

Pocketsized, punchy and poisonous

Planet of Giants is an interesting start to season 2 both in terms of its lack of scale (literally) but also the way that it makes a great deal out of not-very-much – surely a recurring production motif for the… Read more

Regional Commander of the Provinces

A tale of two stories – The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror spotlights strengths and weaknesses of pure earthbound historicals that would see them advance in the series first few seasons only to vanish in the highland mist by season four. On the one hand TARDIS has landed… Read more

Garden of beauty and horror – The Aztecs

After an uneven 6 parter, Doctor Who returns to form in the Aztecs – a cracking historical which still weaves its way through the fabric of the series almost 50 years later. There are some great portrayals in this piece:… Read more

The Quest is the Quest – The Keys of Marinus

I need to begin this by acknowledging a special bond with Arbitan. I am always losing my keys and I know full well the stomach lurch when you realise they are ‘’gone’’. This usually happens at around 7.30 am in the… Read more

Marco Polo – A Lost Caravan of Delights

Marco Polo is the earliest serial absent from the BBC archives and I don’t think there is one that I would rather see in what must have been a full sumptuous BBC costume drama. I am not claiming that every… Read more

The Daleks – pitch perfect

If early Doctor Who was conceived as serial drama, designed to draw you back week after week, then the Daleks is a high water mark. Watching again, I am struck by it’s series of pitch perfect cliffhangers, each one making the… Read more

Australian DVD An Unearthly Child

Unearthly Child – it’s a great package

Reviews of An Unearthly Child traditionally focus on the first thirty minutes – and Daniel makes a sound case that Doctor Who could not have started any other way.  But what strikes me on a ”fresh” viewing is what a great piece… Read more

Doctor Who title card (1963)

Greetings from the home of The Enemy of the World

Hello! I’m Craig and I’m thrilled to be joining my friend Daniel, who has been brave enough to expose his blog to the rantings of a strange Australian whovian-disability advocate-politics junkie-writer, on a joint trek through the ups and downs… Read more