Doctor Who: The Romans – Caesar Nero

Humor in Doctor Who: The Romans

It’s after midnight, and I’m lying on the floor in the dark, shirtless, a three-quarters empty bottle of some cheap (but good) Italian wine next to me. The airy, iconic tones of the Doctor Who theme are fading away as… Read more

Doctor Who - Vicki Pallister

Introducing Vicki: The Rescue

The very best Doctor Who stories are the tiny ones. The ones that are limited and a little bit claustrophobic, that don’t try to do too much, and are not in any way “epic.”

Doctor Who: The Rescue image gallery

The Rescue is a great little Doctor Who story that introduces Maureen O’Brien as orphan Vicki Pallister, who joins the Doctor, Barbara, and Ian on their travels.  Check out the images gallery for this serial below.  The reviews are coming soon!

Worlds End – The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Dalek Invasion of Earth is up with the best Doctor Who has to offer in its fifty year run. From the first powerful opening – Doctor Who’s first suicide, to the grim world of shattered London it leaves an impact. It… Read more

Doctor Who - The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Up next: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Next up on Time and The – ! is The Dalek Invasion of Earth, which sees the much anticipated return of the Daleks to Doctor Who after their hugely successful previous appearance in season one. Exactly as the title says, the Doctor and… Read more

The Doctor and Susan after climbing up the drainpipe and into the sink

Pocketsized, punchy and poisonous

Planet of Giants is an interesting start to season 2 both in terms of its lack of scale (literally) but also the way that it makes a great deal out of not-very-much – surely a recurring production motif for the… Read more

The Doctor

Planet of Giants: Crisis gallery

The final gallery from Planet of Giants episode three, Crisis.  The previous galleries are here and here, if you missed them. Doctor Who is the property of the BBC.