Forty-ninth anniversary of The Daleks

Doctor Who - The Daleks
Another significant anniversary today: the Daleks are 49 years old.  The first Dalek serial, appropriately called The Daleks, premiered on BBCtv on December 21, 1963.  Arguably, Doctor Who fans everywhere owe a huge thanks to the Daleks—without them, there’s a good chance the series would have become an obscure footnote in the history of British television.

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What’s your most significant memory of the Daleks over the years or favorite Dalek story?  We want to hear from you!  Let us know in the comments.  

Daniel Lestarjette

Daniel is the owner and Managing Editor of Time and The – !. He's been a fan of Doctor Who since watching Tom Baker regenerate into Peter Davison on his local PBS station as a kid. He launched Time and The – ! in 2011 after having the bright (?) idea to watch every Doctor Who story from the beginning and blog about it. (Yeah, he's way behind.)

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