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Time and The – ! is coming back this summer

So, yeah.  It’s been awhile, The Internet.  I don’t have a good excuse, to be honest, but somehow this little labor of love got put on the back burner, and then it never really came back.  The good news is… Read more

Time and The – !

Be a Time and The – ! contributor

Time and The – ! is looking for three or four regular contributors to submit reviews, essays, general blog posts, and other media related to Doctor Who and its spin-offs to ensure a continuous flow of posts and act as ambassadors of… Read more

Time and The – !

Wonky RSS issue: posts reappearing multiple times

I’ve noticed that some posts are appearing in my RSS feed multiple times, although I’m not sure why.  Apologies for any inconvenience to those of you who subscribe to the Time and The – ! RSS feed.  I’ll look into it as… Read more

Robot Santas - Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Time and The – !. We wish everyone everywhere peace, happiness, and friendship—just please don’t get killed by a Christmas tree!

Doctor Who opening titles, 1963

Apology for duplicate posts

There was a glitch that resulted in multiple versions of the same post appearing seemingly at random since last night.  Most users probably didn’t notice it; only those people who subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, or… Read more

Time and The – !

Time and the what? A little about us

Time and The – ! is a Doctor Who blog and fan site launched by Daniel Lestarjette and Craig Wallace in late 2011 as we attempt to watch every episode of Doctor Who in order from the beginning, and write… Read more

Doctor Who title card (1963)

Greetings from the home of The Enemy of the World

Hello! I’m Craig and I’m thrilled to be joining my friend Daniel, who has been brave enough to expose his blog to the rantings of a strange Australian whovian-disability advocate-politics junkie-writer, on a joint trek through the ups and downs… Read more

Doctor Who title card (1963)

It’s a team effort!

I’m really pleased to say that my friend Craig Wallace has decided to come along for the ride and contributing the Australian point-of-view.  Woohoo!  😀

Doctor Who title card (1963)


Hey there—I’m Daniel, and this is my Doctor Who blog!  Woo! I’ve been tweeting about Doctor Who over on The Twitter for a little while, but I though how great it would be to do a viewing of every television… Read more