Goodbye Doctor

Once upon a time, Doctor Who (and science fiction in general) was, by and large, a guy thing.  These days there’s an ever-growing population of female fans.

You’d think guys would be delighted to have so many girls getting their geek on, right?  Er, not really.  A surprisingly large contingent of misogynistic male fans believes that “fangirls” like me are ruining everything.

I’ve loved Doctor Who since I was 16 years old.  The highlight of my year is attending a local convention where I can hang out with other fans.  The only reason I am on Facebook is so I can share my enthusiasm with fellow fanatics.

But suddenly, I’m tired.  I’m tired of watching guys rate the Doctor’s female companions solely on their hotness.  I’m tired of hearing female companions dismissed as too feisty, too screamy, too whiney and too bitchy.  I’m tired of having to prove that I’m a “real” fan.  And I’m tired of being told that I don’t belong in Doctor Who fandom simply because I have ovaries.

Yeah, I’m sick of it.  The sexism.  The negativity.  The Steven Moffat bashing.  The hatred between new Who and classic Who fans.

It’s stopped being fun.  So I guess it’s time for me to leave the TARDIS.

So goodbye Doctor.  I’ll miss you.  Your other fans?  Not so much.

Sharon Essex

Sharon loves Doctor Who, waterfalls, British accents, autumn, and chocolate. She lives with two demanding cats and a large collection of books and lightsabers. Her hobbies include blogging, blinking and breathing in and out.

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  • lascauxgirl

    I actually haven’t noticed much, if any, sexism in fandom, but I also haven’t delved too much into it either. I have noticed the general negativity that runs among some Doctor Who fans, though. It’s very off-putting, and it makes me not want to participate in online discussions or get too deeply involved in fandom because of that.

    But I also know that everyone has different experiences, and I hope that whatever incident that was behind this post won’t make you stop enjoying Doctor Who, even if the fandom sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

  • lascauxgirl

    Posted this on Reddit, BTW:

  • Daniel Lestarjette

    I haven’t noticed it, either, to be honest, but I’m in agreement with you and @lascauxgirl:disqus that Doctor Who fandom in general is *very* negative at times, which is why I avoid it for the most post.

    Sharon, you should write a series of posts on women in Doctor Who fandom. I think it would be great share that perspective. I sometimes think about doing a series of posts about gay Doctor Who fans, but I’ve held off, because I’m not involved in fandom beyond this little blog, and on Google+.

    Also, speaking of Google+, you should check out the Doctor Who communities over there. I LOVE Google+. It’s MUCH better than Facebook, and I think you might like it. The secret to Google+ is not looking for people you know, but people who share similar interests as you, getting involved in conversations and making friends. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Loki

    I’ve been a female fan for 4 years and I’m on the internet a LOT about Doctor Who. But the most I’ve experienced of misogyny would be just a few comments about companion hotness (and girls rate Doctor hotness) and some guys who use the term “bitch” too liberally for the companions. But I barely see this. Perhaps you’re hanging with the wrong people?