Greetings from the home of The Enemy of the World

Hello! I’m Craig and I’m thrilled to be joining my friend Daniel, who has been brave enough to expose his blog to the rantings of a strange Australian whovian-disability advocate-politics junkie-writer, on a joint trek through the ups and downs of classic Doctor Who.

Experiencing the whole series in order is something I’ve always thought about doing but never been demented enough to do till now. Whether we will still feel the joy by the time we reach episode three of The Krotons – let alone Time and the ! – is anyone’s guess.

A bit of a disclaimer at the start is that I’ve never actually managed posts to a Word Press Blog before. Learning curve – hooray!

The information technology revolution is still unfolding in Australia – in fact most of our computers run on static electricity like in Dalek City on Skaro…crackle, buzz, zip). So if this is appearing upside down, in high level Gallifreyan or ‘’smelling vaguely of Dodgem cars at the fairground’’ you know why.

Where to start? Well nothing too serious and I’ll be swapping barbs with the witty and razor sharp Daniel Lestarjette plus trying to offer some wry thought bubbles with the moments that sparkle, the funniest bits and the clunkers.

And to keep you interested you can watch as I scrabble desperately to find some tenuous Australian link to each story. An unlikely task except for The Enemy of the World which is, as far as I know the only serial to actually be set in these far flung antipodes. Presumably some part of Australia that looks like Sussex. Canberra comes close to this on occasion and we certainly have enough power-hungry administrators plotting and scheming away in this part of the Central Asian Zone. For all we know they could be thinking about volcanoes. Nothing would surprise.

So sit back, relax, put your helmets on and turn your screens to black and white as two people who have met only in that strange interstitial void that is the internet, begin a strange and perilous journey through the worlds of Doctor Who …

Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace is a marketing manager and project coordinator with Nican a national community organisation and has been a community leader with various organisations for more than a decade. He is the President of People with Disability Australia, a leading cross disability rights organisation in Australia and is a member of the ACT BLITS business group.

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