Marking Time

Here’s a depressing thought: It is 188 days until November 23.  Six months until a new episode airs.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a long time to be hanging off this particular cliff.

Here are some ideas to make the time go faster:

1. Watch every episode of Doctor Who.  That will take about 370 hours or 15 and a half days.

2. Listen to Big Finish’s complete Doctor Who catalogue.   In November, there will be 180 audios in the main range.  Add in the eight Unbound audios, and you’ll have a story for each day.  Add  in the Fourth Doctor Adventures, the Eighth Doctor Adventures, the Companion Chronicles, the Lost Stories and assorted specials and spin-offs and you could have two stories per day.

3. Explore Doctor Who in book form.  There are hundreds of novels and comic strip omnibuses.

4. Start planning a big party for the 50th Anniversary.

5. Complain about how horrible Series 7 was with your friends on social media.

6. Scour every New Series episode looking for clues about John Hurt’s version of the Doctor.

7. Speculate endlessly on Steven Moffat’s attempt to retcon the Doctor’s incarnations.

Sharon Essex

Sharon loves Doctor Who, waterfalls, British accents, autumn, and chocolate. She lives with two demanding cats and a large collection of books and lightsabers. Her hobbies include blogging, blinking and breathing in and out.

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