Matt and Jenna talk about the finalé and the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman throw out a few teasers in an interview on the official Doctor Who Web site for the last three episodes of series seven, including the finalé, The Name of the Doctor:

The finale has the intriguing title, The Name of the Doctor, and Jenna lights up as she discusses it. ‘The finale story is such a fantastic idea; it’s epic and huge and filled with drama. It was really exciting to sit down and read the script,’ she enthuses.  ‘There are little bits and pieces which Steven planted a couple of years ago.  It’s just really clever and a crucial moment in the Doctor’s life that you get to explore with the best baddies!  I really think they are going to become another Moffat classic!’

Read the whole interview with Matt and Jenna here.

We’re always a bit sad when a season of Doctor Who comes to a close, but what are you looking forward to about the final three episodes of season seven?  Will we really learn the Doctor’s real name?  Let us know in the comments!

Daniel Lestarjette

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