New Doctor Who titles

We were treated to a brand new version of the Doctor Who theme on Christmas Day, and a new title sequence to go with it. I gave them a good week to sink in, but honestly, I still don’t quite know what to think about them.

On the one hand, I love the new arrangement of the Doctor Who theme.  There are quite a few nods to earlier versions, and it’s still recognizably the Eleventh Doctor’s. But the titles themselves are a little busy, and it seems like there’re a lot of elements that are there just for the sake of being there.

And then there’s the Doctor’s face.  I know a lot of fans are cheering at the return of such an iconic part of the Doctor Who titles, but frankly, I thought we were beyond that, and truly I don’t think it fits so well.

I hate being critical, though, because this is the fiftieth anniversary season, and there’s certainly a lot of fantastic things coming up over the next year, a new TARDIS interior, to say nothing of the enigmatic Clara joining the Doctor on his travels.

What do you think of the new Doctor Who titles and theme arrangement that débuted in The Snowmen?  Give us your feedback in the comments.

Daniel Lestarjette

Daniel is the owner and Managing Editor of Time and The – !. He's been a fan of Doctor Who since watching Tom Baker regenerate into Peter Davison on his local PBS station as a kid. He launched Time and The – ! in 2011 after having the bright (?) idea to watch every Doctor Who story from the beginning and blog about it. (Yeah, he's way behind.)

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  • Craig

    I loved them, even if there’s a lot going on in them. The closing ‘warp’ is a bit like the titles during Tom Bakers reign. The whole thing feels pretty special and 50th Anniversary!

    • Daniel

      I agree, Craig—they’re very celebratory, and I got the same impression about the time tunnel warpy part, too. Don’t get me wrong: I love them, too, and I know they’ll continue to grow on me. I still don’t know about the face, though, haha.