Nick Briggs talks about the new Cybermen

Nick Briggs, the man behind the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, and other monsters in Doctor Who, shared some interesting tidbits at the recent Lords of Time convention in New Zealand about the new Cybermen that will début in this week’s Nightmare in Silver. He was told to make their voices “scary,” and recorded several different versions, including one reminiscent of those heard in William Hartnell’s final serial, The Tenth Planet. The relevant discussion begins at about fourteen minutes in to the video, which you can watch in full in the player below.

Honestly, I would love to have something similar to the original Cyberman voices back—how brilliant would that be? I think it would work really, really well. #fingerscrossed

Daniel Lestarjette

Daniel is the owner and Managing Editor of Time and The – !. He’s been a fan of Doctor Who since watching Tom Baker regenerate into Peter Davison on his local PBS station as a kid. He launched Time and The – ! in 2011 after having the bright (?) idea to watch every Doctor Who story from the beginning and blog about it. (Yeah, he’s way behind.)

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