Doctor Who opening titles, 1963

Here at Time and The—!, we’re endeavoring to watch every episode of of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) program Doctor Who from the beginning, while also blogging and curating interesting discussions and essays about themes present in the TV show, its spinoffs, books, comics, audios, and other media for the sake of commentary and criticism.  With that in mind,

We fully recognize that Doctor Who, the TARDIS, and other symbols related to the program are owned by the BBC and/or their respective copyright holders.  The owner of Time and The—! and its primary authors and contributors do not claim any of these symbols as our own, nor is any copyright infringement intended.

What do we publish?

As stated above, we primarily publish original blog posts and essays that pertain to Doctor Who.  To that end, our posts on this Web site may include or contain

  • A limited number of screenshots from episodes of the program for the purpose of illustration, commentary, and criticism.
  • Embedded videos or links to videos of material related to Doctor Who and its spinoffs that we make every effort to source from official channels, such as the BBC Doctor Who channel on YouTube.
  • Audio files, such as trailers for Big Finish Doctor Who audios.
  • Other limited audiovisual materials related to Doctor Who and its spinoffs

We believe our use of these materials constitutes fair use under U.S. copyright law, and fair dealing under British copyright law.

What don’t we publish?

Time and The—! does not post or publish full Doctor Who episodes, nor do we link to sites where full episodes may be viewed or downloaded illegally, either directly or indirectly (e.g. BitTorrent sites).  This also applies to other copyrighted material, such as Big Finish audios.  Furthermore, any requests to provide such information are ignored and/or reported to the BBC or appropriate authorities.

Why? Because we love Doctor Who.  It’s an awesome, incredible program, and we want it to be successful and make money, so that it will continue for years to come.

I’m a copyright holder, and I would like something removed.

No problem.  Please contact me at daniel (at), and let me know what you’d like taken down.  It’s as easy as that.


This page was last updated on December 13, 2012.