Doctor Who title card (1963)

A Message From the Colonies

Today my Facebook feed was cluttered with Brits crying foul about the new Doctor Who Anniversary trailer being a Comic-Con exclusive.  It’s our show! Why are those stupid Americans allowed to see it first? Allow me to set the record… Read more

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

Who should NOT be the next Doctor

There’s a lot of speculation about the identity of the next Doctor when Matt Smith leaves at the end of the year.  There have been some compelling names put forth, too, including some right here on Time and The –… Read more

Doctor Who title card (1963)

Goodbye Doctor

Once upon a time, Doctor Who (and science fiction in general) was, by and large, a guy thing.  These days there’s an ever-growing population of female fans. You’d think guys would be delighted to have so many girls getting their geek… Read more

Doctor Who title card (1963)

Marking Time

Here’s a depressing thought: It is 188 days until November 23.  Six months until a new episode airs.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a long time to be hanging off this particular cliff. Here are some… Read more

Doctor Who - Silver Nemesis - Lady Peinforte

Doctor Who? Lady Peinforte knows…

I’m not really a betting man, but I’ll bet five bucks that the Doctor’s real name will not, in fact, be revealed in The Name of the Doctor—at least not to us, the viewers.  I think it’s a pretty safe bet.… Read more