Paul McGann’s audition for Doctor Who

While I was looking (unsuccessfully) for the “world gets pulled inside out on New Year’s” scene from the TV movie, I came across this gem on YouTube: Paul McGann’s audition for the role of the Doctor.  It’s an interesting look at the way things could have been if a new series had resulted from the movie back in 1996.

In the version of the script that McGann used in his audition, it would have been revealed that the Doctor and the Master are step-brothers. Their father, Ulysses, is a lost Time Lord explorer, while Borusa would return as the Doctor’s dead grandfather whose “soul” was incorporated into the TARDIS.  Ulysses would be found alive and well, living on Earth as a radical Berkeley professor.

Some of these elements were later incorporated into the BBC Eighth Doctor novels, which ran from 1997 – 2005.

What do you think?  Would you have liked to have seen this plot line taken up if a series had been commissioned from the TV movie?  Or did Doctor Who dodge a bullet?  Please let us know in the comments.

Daniel Lestarjette

Daniel is the owner and Managing Editor of Time and The – !. He's been a fan of Doctor Who since watching Tom Baker regenerate into Peter Davison on his local PBS station as a kid. He launched Time and The – ! in 2011 after having the bright (?) idea to watch every Doctor Who story from the beginning and blog about it. (Yeah, he's way behind.)

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  • Phillip Nicholls

    does anyone have a copy of the full Paul McGann audition as typical youtube deleted it due to copyright reasons if had have got it before they deleted it would have transfered it, did anyone do this?!