Jeremy Young as Kal in An Unearthly Child

An Unearthly Child event at the British Film Institute

The British Film Institute’s year-long celebration of Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary got underway last month with a screening of An Unearthly Child, and a panel discussion with several members of the original cast and crew, including director Waris Hussein, Carole… Read more

William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who Season One in Retrospect

Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally made it through season one! I’ve never looked at Doctor Who very critically before starting this blog, but it’s been something of an eye-opener. How do the eight… Read more

Return to the Cave of Skulls (again)

The time travelers make their way through the forest and back to the plain. The TARDIS is only feet away. But then—three warriors are blocking their escape. Kal, the new leader of the tribe, emerges from jungle, and this time,… Read more


Women in the fearful forest

In the Cave of Skulls, the time travelers are safe for the moment, but its not without reason it’s called that: to their horror, they find themselves surrounded by dozens of skulls—and they’ve all been killed by a single blow… Read more

Old Mother

Dr. Who and the Cavemen!

I’m in bed, under the covers. The lights are off, and Kyle, my partner, is asleep. I don’t know where the cats are. I’m watching The Cave of Skulls on my iPad. It’s been a few days since watching and… Read more

Australian DVD An Unearthly Child

Unearthly Child – it’s a great package

Reviews of An Unearthly Child traditionally focus on the first thirty minutes – and Daniel makes a sound case that Doctor Who could not have started any other way.  But what strikes me on a ”fresh” viewing is what a great piece… Read more

The TARDIS in the Palaeolithic age

Doctor Who couldn’t have started any other way

I wonder what William Hartnell—whom I’m convinced is still somewhere up there in time and space looking down on us here on Earth—thinks about his action figure. The story goes that he was convinced that Doctor Who would run for… Read more