Jago and Litefoot season 4 cover

Jago and Litefoot season four sale

Since last weekend’s Counter-Measures sale was so successful, Big Finish is offering Jago & Litefoot season four at its preorder price. Self-styled investigators of infernal incidents Jago (Christopher Benjamin) & Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) have faced a variety of monsters and… Read more

Doctor Who – Short Trips Vol. 1

Listen to Big Finish Doctor Who – for free!

In the category of “it may only be news to me,” Big Finish has quietly (?) launched a SoundCloud channel featuring trailers for some of their ranges, as well as some complete adventures free of charge.  If you’ve never had the… Read more

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Quinnis, starring Carole Ann Ford

One Day Upon a Time: Quinnis

If you follow Time and The – ! on Google+ or Twitter, then you already know I’m a huge Big Finish fan. The Companion Chronicles range is one of my favorites, especially those stories featuring the First Doctor’s companions. Carole… Read more

Counter Measures series 1

Counter-Measures series 1 special offer

The first season of Counter-Measures, the Doctor Who spin-off from Big Finish featuring the team from Remembrance of the Daleks, will be on sale this weekend at it’s preorder price: Made with its Sixties setting foremost in mind, Counter-Measures is retro action at… Read more