William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who Season One in Retrospect

Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally made it through season one! I’ve never looked at Doctor Who very critically before starting this blog, but it’s been something of an eye-opener. How do the eight… Read more

The Doctor and Kublai Khan, with Marco Polo

Assassin at Peking

Ian and Ping-Cho corner Kuiji whom Tegana paid to take the TARDIS to Karakorum rather than to the Khan’s summer palace in Shang-Tu. They take back Ping-Cho’s money, and when pressed by Ian, Kuiji admits that Tegana paid him to… Read more

Susan and Barbara in awe of Kublai Khan's palace

Mighty Kublai Khan

The Doctor, Barbara, and Ian make their way into the Ship and are preparing to depart when Ian realizes Susan isn’t aboard yet.  Ian goes out to search for her, but she’s already on her way back, having said goodbye… Read more

Marco Polo threatens to destroy the Ship

Rider From Shang-Tu

The time travelers devise an escape strategy: they’re determined to capture Marco himself, take the key, and leave. Ian uses a broken plate to cut through their tent, and once outside, sneaks up behind the guard, intending to disable him.… Read more


The Wall of Lies

The Doctor, Susan, and Ping-Cho go to the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes to search for Barbara The Doctor is fascinated by the bizarre paintings of the 250 Ḥashshāshīn who hid out in the cave more than twenty years ago,… Read more

The Doctor uses his spare key to enter the TARDIS

Ḥashshāshīn’s Creed: Five Hundred Eyes

Tegana has reached the way station, and is enjoying all the water he can drink. Compared to the caravan’s plight in the middle of the brutal Gobi Desert, it seems even more cruel as the warlord gloats at Marco Polo’s… Read more

Marco Polo – A Lost Caravan of Delights

Marco Polo is the earliest serial absent from the BBC archives and I don’t think there is one that I would rather see in what must have been a full sumptuous BBC costume drama. I am not claiming that every… Read more

Ian Chesterton

The Singing Sands

Tegana meets with a shady figure who gives him a supply of poison, which he intends to use to kill the Marco Polo and his retinue, including the time travelers, as they set out to cross the Gobi Desert. And… Read more

Ian and Barbara on the mountain pass

The Roof of the World

With the Ship out of danger and the air finally cleared, the Doctor tells Barbara that they’ve arrived somewhere quite cold. Susan starts a snowball fight with Barbara, and they run off for a little bit of fun. As the… Read more