A Cyberman from Doctor Who - Nightmare in Silver

Another clip from Nightmare in Silver

Huh.  How interesting.  I don’t think I ever seen anything quite like that before, at least not in Doctor Who.  #dontblink What do you think?  Looking forward to this new innovation by the Cybermen?  Should Neil Gaiman just keep is paws… Read more


Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver image gallery

The BBC has released a set of promotional images for Saturday’s Nightmare in Silver. Wild speculation: based on the trailers (here and here) and these pictures, are we looking at perhaps two versions of Clara and the Doctor?  What do you… Read more

Doctor Who - Nightmare in Silver

Nick Briggs talks about the new Cybermen

Nick Briggs, the man behind the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, and other monsters in Doctor Who, shared some interesting tidbits at the recent Lords of Time convention in New Zealand about the new Cybermen that will début in this… Read more

Doctor Who - Nightmare in Silver

Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver Next Time trailer

Check out the Next Time trailer for Nightmare in Silver.  Doctor Who continues next Saturday, May 11 on BBC1 and BBC America. Looking forward to next week’s Doctor Who?  Let us know in the comments below.