The Fifth Doctor prepares to face the Cybermen in Earthshock

8 more great classic Doctor Who stories

It’s been awhile since our last list of great stories to get started with classic Doctor Who, so it’s time for another round.  If you’re looking to sample the original Doctors, check out these eight classic Doctor Who stories. The… Read more

Cameca realizes this will be the last time she sees her beloved

The Aztecs: The Day of Darkness

The Doctor and Ian meet in the Garden of Peace, where they discover narrow passage behind an ornamental stone on the side of the temple and possibly a way back to the TARDIS.  As Ian makes his way through the… Read more

Garden of beauty and horror – The Aztecs

After an uneven 6 parter, Doctor Who returns to form in the Aztecs – a cracking historical which still weaves its way through the fabric of the series almost 50 years later. There are some great portrayals in this piece:… Read more

Barbara saves Ian

The Aztecs: The Bride of Sacrifice

Barbara enters with Autloc at the last moment, commanding an end to the combat, but it may be too late.  Tlotoxl mocks her, now openly questioning whether she is truly an emissary from the gods.  If she truly is divine, he gloats,… Read more

Barbara must save Ian from Ixta

The Aztecs: The Warriors of Death

The sky grows dark, lightening flashes, thunder is heard, and it begins to rain. ”With death came rain,” Tlotoxl tells Barbara, his contempt apparent. The high priest of sacrifice is certain now: Barbara is not Yetaxa. As lightning continues to… Read more

Ian the warrior

The Aztecs: The Temple of Evil

On the planet Marinus, the TARDIS stands incongruously among the rocks and tidal pools of acid, and then, under the burning hot sun, vanishes silently as it resumes its voyage through space and time… John Lucarotti is a man I’d liked… Read more