Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror

Brave heart, Clara! Clip from The Crimson Horror

A clip from Saturday’s Doctor Who, The Crimson Horror, has been released. The Fifth Doctor and his companion Tegan Jovanka (a.k.a. the gobby Australian) are referenced, including Five’s habit of encouraging Tegan to have a brave heart, continuing the apparent… Read more

Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror BBC America trailer

Doctor Who series 7B continues on May 4 on BBC1 and BBC America with The Crimson Horror, featuring Madame Vastra, Jenny, and everyone’s favorite Sontaran nurse, Strax. Watch the BBC America TV trailer after the jump!

The Bells of St John promo image

All but one series 7B titles revealed

The Radio Times has revealed all the titles in Doctor Who series 7B—except for the finalé.  Here they are: The Bells of Saint John The Rings of Akhaten Cold War Hide Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS The Crimson Horror… Read more