Doctor Who - The Daleks

Forty-ninth anniversary of The Daleks

Another significant anniversary today: the Daleks are 49 years old.  The first Dalek serial, appropriately called The Daleks, premiered on BBCtv on December 21, 1963.  Arguably, Doctor Who fans everywhere owe a huge thanks to the Daleks—without them, there’s a good… Read more

William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who Season One in Retrospect

Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally made it through season one! I’ve never looked at Doctor Who very critically before starting this blog, but it’s been something of an eye-opener. How do the eight… Read more

The Daleks – pitch perfect

If early Doctor Who was conceived as serial drama, designed to draw you back week after week, then the Daleks is a high water mark. Watching again, I am struck by it’s series of pitch perfect cliffhangers, each one making the… Read more

A Dalek in the city

The Rescue

Antodus is nearly frozen with terror at the prospect of jumping the few feet across the chasm in order to join Ian on the other side. Ian senses this, and coaches him calmly, deliberately, firmly. Antodus jumps—he lands on the… Read more

The Dalek City

The Ordeal; or, who are the Daleks?

The reality of just how dangerous the Lake of Mutations is soon becomes tragically clear as Elyon the Thal approaches the lake’s edge to replenish the water supply. As he concentrates on his work, the water begins to ripple, bubble,… Read more

A mutation living in the Lake of Mutations

The Expedition

It seems as though their adventure is over, and following a pleasant interlude at the Thal encampment, the time travelers are eager to be on their way. As they’re preparing to leave, the Doctor asks Ian to return the fluid… Read more

The Ambush

The shocking truth of the Daleks becomes clear: they are more than just unfeeling machines or robots. There are living, breathing creatures inside the machines, and as the time travelers escape their cell, a gnarled, clawed hand extends from beneath… Read more

Alydon the Thal

The Escape

Susan runs through the petrified jungle as a storm approaches; lightning illuminates a strange shape hidden among the trees which follows Susan as she makes her way back to the TARDIS, which is familiar, inviting, and, above all, safe compared… Read more

The Survivors

Barbara’s exploration of the city’s long, barren, gleaming, maze-like corridors is accompanied by a growing sense of fear and desperation, and a dawning realization that this city may not be not as abandoned as it seems, that she’s being guided… Read more

Barbara menaced by a Dalek

At the Jungle of Madness

After a short time, the pattern begins to match up, the central column stops, and the Ship arrives in a strange, bizarre forest populated by chalky, ghostly trees. Unknown to the time travelers, the radiation meter moves into the danger… Read more