William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who Season One in Retrospect

Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally made it through season one! I’ve never looked at Doctor Who very critically before starting this blog, but it’s been something of an eye-opener. How do the eight… Read more

The keys of Marinus

The Keys of Marinus: There and back again

As Ian’s trial plays out in the courtroom, Barbara receives a phone call at the guardian’s desk outside. It’s Susan: she’s been kidnapped by the conspirators. If they reveal the location of the microcircuit key, Susan will be killed… The… Read more

The return of the Doctor

The Keys of Marinus: Sentence of Death

Arriving in Millennius, Ian discovers the dead body of a man lying on the ground.  Before he can react, however, a black-gloved assailant knocks Ian unconscious, positions the murder weapon in his hand, and then, setting off an alarm, absconds… Read more

The Quest is the Quest – The Keys of Marinus

I need to begin this by acknowledging a special bond with Arbitan. I am always losing my keys and I know full well the stomach lurch when you realise they are ‘’gone’’. This usually happens at around 7.30 am in the… Read more

Vasor the fur trapper

The Keys of Marinus: The Snows of Terror

Ian and Barbara activate their travel dials, and immediately find themselves in a frozen wasteland; the snow, wind, and unbearable subfreezing temperature crushing them just as efficiently as the jungle vegetation had only seconds before.  Barbara falls to her knees,… Read more

The hiding place of the microcircuit key

The Keys of Marinus: The Screaming Jungle

Susan activates her travel dial ahead of the others, and finds herself in the middle of a jungle at night. There are strange sounds and noises that seems to come from every direction at once, advancing attacking. Clutching her head… Read more

One of the Morpho

The Keys of Marinus: The Velvet Web

Arbitan gives the time travelers wristwatch-like “travel dials” that will send them instantly to the various parts of Marinus where the keys are hidden.  Barbara activates hers, and vanishes from sight.  The Doctor, Ian, and Susan follow her moments later,… Read more

The Sea of Death

The Keys of Marinus: The Sea of Death

At the last moment, Marco Polo quickly returns the TARDIS key to the Doctor.  Rushed goodbyes, and then—the we hear the sound of the Ship’s great time engines for the first time in what feels like an eternity, and the… Read more