William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who Season One in Retrospect

Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally made it through season one! I’ve never looked at Doctor Who very critically before starting this blog, but it’s been something of an eye-opener. How do the eight… Read more

Susan describes her homeworld to the First Elder

The Sensorites: A Desperate Venture

Unaware of the new Second Elder’s betrayal, the Doctor asks the First Elder not to tell Susan that he and Ian have gone back to the aqueduct until they’re well on their way. Back in the lab, Susan, Carol, and… Read more

The City Administrator listens to the Second Elder's telepathic conversation

The Sensorites: Kidnap

The Doctor sends the Chief Scientist back to the city, and proceeds alone into the cave system.  He quickly discovers an Atropa belladonna—deadly nightshade—plant from Earth, and the source of the poison.  But his jubilation is short lived, as the terrible… Read more

The Doctor is startled by the sound of "cave monsters"

The Sensorites: A Race Against Death

The Doctor agrees to investigate the disease in exchange for the Sensorites’ help in restoring John to full health, as well as for the safe return of the TARDIS door opening mechanism.  But as they sit discussing the situation further,… Read more

The Doctor

The Sensorites: Hidden Danger

As the time travelers and the humans discuss what the best course of action is, Susan receives a telepathic message from the Sensorites.  We’re privy to only one side of the conversation, and she makes an agreement with the aliens… Read more

The Sensorites

The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors

The Sensorites, unseen, are all around the humans, watching them, manipulating them, and finally there is nothing left but an overwhelming silence that fills every available mental space.  And then, peer though the viewport, a Sensorite, shocking and more alien… Read more

The time travelers share a convivial moment

The Sensorites: Strangers in Space

What can I say?  Work has been busy lately, and sometimes even Doctor Who gets put on the back burner while other things take priority.  I know—the sheer humanity of the thought is almost too horrible contemplate, so I’m hitting… Read more