Weekend special offers from Big Finish

Big Finish will be running a very special offer this weekend with the best Doctor Who releases of 2012 – as chosen by you! – being offered at half price

We recently ran a poll on Facebook where we asked people to vote for their favourite Doctor Who release (single/double disc/story) of 2012. We said the most popular release would be discounted by 50% for 48 hours and that we would randomly choose one voter to receive five releases of their choice (single/double disc only) from the entire Big Finish range.

We had such fun with this poll and enjoyed reading all of the brilliant comments it just didn’t feel good enough to offer 1 release…so we are offering the top release in each category. This means there will be a Main Range, Lost Story, Special, Companion Chronicle and Fourth Doctor release all on offer (download and CD).

The following 5 releases will available with 50% off this weekend (19th and 20th January 2013):

Doctor Who: Love and War:

Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters:

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Last Post:

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Destination Nerva:

Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The First Sontarans:

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Weekend Special Offers – News – Big Finish
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