Who should NOT be the next Doctor

There’s a lot of speculation about the identity of the next Doctor when Matt Smith leaves at the end of the year.  There have been some compelling names put forth, too, including some right here on Time and The – !.  But let’s face facts: there are some actors frankly shouldn’t be cast as the Twelfth Doctor.  Here are five of them.

Sir Ian McKellen Sir Ian McKellen

I’ve seen Sir Ian McKellen‘s name thrown around a few times, and while he might well make an excellent Time Lord ally or adversary for the Doctor (to say nothing of voicing the Great Intelligence in The Snowmen), he’s not the right choice to play the Doctor.  This might cause some grumbling from a few members of certain fandoms, including Doctor Who fandom, but the truth is, Sir Ian has too much going on to devote the better part of a year to one series.  Casting him as the Doctor would be a gimmick, at best.

Any of these people

The Harry Potter cast

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were all perfect as Harry, Hermione, and Ron in the Harry Potter series.  For one thing, each of them are too young to take on the role of the Doctor, and more importantly, none of them particularly have that Doctor-like quality that jumps out immediately, signaling they’re right for the part.  That said, Emma Watson could just manage to make an excellent Thirteenth (and final?) Doctor in a few years.

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren

My arguments against Helen Mirren are mostly the same as those against Sir Ian above, truth be told.  While it’s true that she does have a very clear Doctor-ness, and while I would love to see her play a part in Doctor Who (maybe even a recurring one), casting Dame Helen as the Doctor would simply be a gimmick.

Billie Piper

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

Really?  Come on, you guys.  I loved Rose; she was the best companion to help relaunch Doctor Who back in 2005.  But Billie Piper as the Twelfth Doctor is about as far out in left field as you can get.  Seriously, it should never, ever happen in a million years.

John Hurt

Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor

Ah, yes.  John Hurt.  It seems fairly clear, at least to me, that whatever version of the Doctor John Hurt is playing in the fiftieth anniversary, he is not the Twelfth Doctor.  For one thing, both Doctor X and the Eleventh Doctor spoke of events that had already occurred, which seems to preclude that Hurt’s character a future incarnation.  Regardless, though, Hurt is making his mark on Doctor Who in a very different way, probably a very good way, but he wouldn’t be right as the show’s frontman.

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